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- Roby Tech. released Asterisk IP PBX PBX04,supports 4 FXO/S ports
-Roby Tech. release the GSM Asterisk card GSM400 , which supports
4 GSM ports , you may build GSM PBX based on the card.
-Roby Tech. update the Asterisk card TE110P , which supports Asterisk
trixbox, Elastix. supports Dahdi/Zaptel.
- Roby Tech. update the Asterisk card TDM800P , which supports Asterisk
trixbox, Elastix. Supports Dahdi/zaptel
- Roby Tech. assign the Exclusive Agent agreement with Poland Telcom
- Roby Tech. update the Asterisk card TDM400P , which supports Asterisk
trixbox, Elastix. We tested in Trixbox2.0/2.6/2.8, Elastix1.6/1.5 , we are supplying OEM
service for this model,printing logo.
- Roby Tech. releases a new VoIP phone model PY-90P , which supports sip
IAX2 ,with PoE. We are supplying with OEM service for this ip phone.
- Roby Tech. Celebrated 9th Years Anniversary in The Grand view hotel in
Fu Tian, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China.
- One of the biggest VoIP supplier from Australia would like to order 300 pcs
Asterisk cards TDM400P with 4 FXO modules with their own brand.
- Malaysia Telecom ordered 400 units PCB of SIP ATA model GW-08 with
their own design.Roby Tech.
- Roby Technology 4 port E1 card TE405P which is with 4 e1/t1 port
get the CE/FCC certification .
- Roby Technology releases 4 port E1 card TE405P with 4 e1/t1 port
,it can work with Asterisk very well, with which , the users can build an IP PBX
- Roby Tech. supplys with 300 units IP phones PY-60 with their logo / brand
to Macedonia Telcom who is one of the biggest ISP.